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Initial Intake Session

Information gathering, planning and connecting Medical History Assessment Nutritional Intake Assessment Customized Recommendations specific to you Continued support with Follow-up sessions
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Initial Consultation & Follow-Up

$225 and up
Medical Intake Physical, Nutritional & Lifestyle assessment Consultation 40 Minute Follow-up with Dietary, Supplementation & Lifestyle Recommendations

One Hour Session

Precedes with a free 15 minute discovery call Assessment of Diet, Lifestyle & Supplementation Consultation Diet, Lifestyle & Supplement Recommendations Follow-Up option 40 min for $75

Follow Up

We can touch base to anytime after your discovery call and one hour initial session for further consultation and additional assessment and recommendations.

Healing Trasformation Package

Intake Consultation Weekly check-in and support 3 Follow-ups/ 3 Healing Protocols with full Diet, Supplement and Lifestyle Recommendations Recipe book with over 30 nutrient rich, gluten, dairy and sugar free recipes

Attain Holistic Knowledge; become "the Artisan of Your Health!"


Specialty Store Tour

Spend 1-2 hours learning about nutritional benefits of specialty foods such as flours, nuts, seeds, herbs and spices that you can use to optimize your nutritional game. You will leave this tour knowing where to source, how ingredients behave, where they come from and what their physical benefits and actions are. By the end of this tour, you will attain knowledge and be ready to unleash your creativity and delicious craftiness!


We'll talk about the best places to shop and do an educational tour together, discussing micro and macronutrients, ingredient quality and sources, label reading, meal planning, maximizing your money with healthy options, whole food nutrition and supplementation, as well as how to optimize your cooking, whether for yourself or family. 1-2 Hours

Food Demos

Book a Food Demonstration for your next public gathering or private event! Highly educational, a great way to see methods of preparation and learn about nutritional benefits while learning how to make the dish or incorporate the techniques into your kitchen repetoire and wellness strategy. Artisanal and holistic in nature, these food demos are loved and enjoyed by all!

Cooking Lessons

Your kitchen or Mine? Private cooking lessons that can be done in your kitchen or mine. You will learn holistic methods of food preparation while getting educated about food, ingredients and creating for your enjoyment and health! Lessons range from very holistic and raw, to traditional and modern methods. Menu designed with you in mind, lessons start at $85 per person for 1 1/2 hours.
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$225 and up
Attend a workshop that engages you in your artisanal health! Topics range from lifestyle habits for wellness, to digestive, immune, nervous system health, catering to audiences that range from Corporate culture to Family and Children's health.

School Talk with optional Food Demo

Teach'em while they're young! These speaking engagements cater to children and students, educating them on the multitude of possibilities when it comes to knowledge of nutrition and wellness practices. This option often includes a food demo to spark interest in young minds in cooking and self-sustenance through involvement, creativity and education.

Public Speaking engagements

Health and wellness talks, engaging and educational in nature.

Holistic Parties & Events

Artisanal Catering

From Brunch to Smoothies & Bliss Balls or Kids parties, we got you covered!

We create a delicious Menu and deliver it to your special party or event! You can add on the option of an educational and engaging Holistic Food Demonstration, ranging in children to adult themed! Options include: Artisanal Brunch, Healthy Desserts, Loved by Kids, Bliss Balls or Artisanal & Athletic. These healthy options are nutrient-rich and always gluten and sugar free! Get in touch for a detailed selection and custom quote!


Artisan Nutrition- Nutrient Rich Recipes e-Book

Artisan Nutrition- Nutrient Rich Recipes e-Book

Over 30 nutrient rich recipes which are sugar, gluten and dairy free, loved by children and adults! Easy to make, the focus of this book is nutrient-dense and holistic cooking and baking with recipes that are loved by all!

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